Finding Macro Creature マクロダイブ

SEAKERS oftern go to Diving in Manza Onna village. In Manza, we do boat dive and boat comes back to port after each dive which makes divers much more relax and no need to worry about sea sick. Diving is more relax and lots to see. Today’s blog i want to show you some of the creatures SEAKERS seeked.

My favorite dive site in Manza is Cross Line. sandy bottom and maximum depth is around 24 meter. You can see sea turtle, gobies, Saddle back anemone fish and more macro creatures.

During safety stop, you can enjoy to hovor on the beautiful coral reef too.

If you have camera and would like to take time to take underwater photos, I would highly recommend diving in Manza.

SEAKERS can do pick up anywhere in Naha area to Onna village for Manza dive.