SEAKERS Scuba Diving in Okinawa

👉Small Group Diving System

👉Well-experienced Instructor

👉Free Pick-up Naha to Onna Village

👉Airport Pick-up

👉Free Photos

👉Confident in both Price and Quality

👉Diving after Arrival and Half-day tour

👉Multiple options of diving areas

English speaking instructor available! Why don’t you dive with us in Kerama, Manza(Onna Village), or other places in Okinawa!

Let’s Seek in the Sea!

What are you SEEKing for? FAQ

Recommendations for Certified Divers

If you are staying in Naha;

Kerama Day Trip at 22,000 yen Inclusive of 3 dives, Hotel Pick up in Naha

If you are staying in Onna Village;

Manza Fun 3 dives at 22,000 yen Inclusive of 3 dvies, Hotel PickUp in Naha, Chatan, Onna Village

Recommendations for Non-Certified Divers

 Kerama Day Trip at 22,000 yen Inclusive of 2 dives, Full Rental Gear, Hotel PickUp in Naha.

 SSI Open Water Course at 44,000 yen(2 days) Inclusive of 4 dives, Full Rental Gear, Hotel PickUp in Naha.


Fun Diving

If you have diving License(C-card)

Try Scuba

Don’t have diving license? Try scuba. Discovery scuba diving.


Snorkeling is good start for your marine life

Advanced Diving

Drift diving and deep diving for well-experienced diver

License Course

Get ready to discover underwater world

Chartering Boat

Chartering boat and have fun with your family or friends

Thank you for visiting SEAKERS. SEAKERS serve safe and professional diving service in small group in Okinawa main island. Since we are small dive shop, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. We offer try scuba and snorkeling for non-diver, PADI & SSI diving license course, and of course fun diving for licensed diver. SEAKERS is certified SSI(Scuba Schools International) training center. SSI has over 50 years history in marine activity industry and is one of the largest scuba diving institutions around globe. We provide multiple options for diving areas such as Kerama, Onna Village, and other diving areas in Okinawa main island. We organize chartering boat to enjoy cruising with your group.

What are you waiting for? Be a SEAKER and Seek underwater world together.

* This Graph shows the average water temperature and the average temperature in Okinawa.


SEAKERS conduct scuba diving activities in small groups to ensure all guests fully enjoy our services and secure safety of all guests. Please check our cancellation policy and conditions before you make a reservation. Thank you.