Fun Diving

If you are already certified scuba diver, why not try Fun diving with SEAKERS. We have tours all over Okinawa main island and you can request the best destinations for your skills and where your accomodation is. Kerama Islands is one of the major diving spots where you can see beautiful corals and great visibility. Onna village (Manza) has an impressive wall dive and cave. SEAKERS gurantees satisfation for both beginner divers and experienced divers.

Small Diving Group

SEAKERS offer only small diving group. Safety is guranteed.

Family, Couple, Single Diver, everyone is welcome!

Diving with family! Diving with your partner! Diving with SEAKERS!

Remember the moment forever

We offers underwater photos without charge.

Kerama Islands

The access to Kerama Islands is 1 hour boat ride from Naha. The beauty of underwater world in Kerama is designated National Park. Once you get in the water, you must get amazed at its visibilty. If you’re lucky enough, you might going to see Hawksbill turtles, Manta Rays, and other amazing creatures.

 Price 17,600(2dives)


Estimated Schedule

Whole day Trip 6:45 Pick up ⇒ 8:00 Departure ⇒ 2dives in the morning ⇒ Lunch on a boat ⇒ Afternoon 1 dive ⇒ 15:00 Arrival ⇒ 16:00 Drop off

Half day Trip 6:45(11:45) Pick up ⇒ 8:00(13:00) Departure ⇒ 2dives ⇒ 12:00(16:00) Arrival ⇒ 12:30(16:30) Drop off

Onna Village (Blue Cave&Manza)

You can enjoy its own magnificent geographic features in Onna Village such as Blue Cave, Yamada Coral Farm and Dream Hole in Manza. On the top of the drop off, beautiful corals spread out as far as you can see. Recommended spots for those love to see underwater landscape. For Blue Cave dive, early morning dive is recommended to avoid crowd.

  Price 17,600(2 dives)


Estimated Schedule (Pick-up in Naha)

AM Schedule 6:45 Pick up ⇒ 9:00 Departure ⇒ 2 dives ⇒ 12:00 Arrival ⇒ 13:00 Drop off

PM Schedule 11:00 Pick up ⇒ 13:00 Departure ⇒ 2 dives ⇒ 16:00 Arrival ⇒ 17:00 Drop off

*2,200 yen additional charge for early morning dive

Motobu (Minna Is. Sesoko Is)

Diving in Motobu Area has amazing coral reef and beautiful white sands. You can get healed by their beauty.

Price 19,800(2 dives)


Estimated Schedule

AM schedule 6:00 Pick up ⇒ 8:30 Departure ⇒ 2 dives ⇒ 12:00 Arrival ⇒ 14:00 Drop off

PM schedule 10:00 Pick up ⇒ 12:30 Departure ⇒ 2dives ⇒ 16:00 Arrival ⇒ 18:00 Drop off

Participation conditions

  • Certified more than open water scuba diver at any Diving Organization
  • Older than 10 years old *Underage divers are required to have parential consent
  • Physically Fit for scuba diving

Please click on link below to download application form. If any of medical questions aplly, please have doctor’s note. Please be informed that if instroctor finds it difficult to carry on, tour could be canceled even if there is a doctor’s note.

Please fill up application form and have it with you on the day.

*No flight 24 hours after the last dive


Guide, weight, tanks, shuttle service, insurance

*Drinks, snacks, and food and not included

Things to bring

C card, a change of clothes, bath towel, Flipflops, drinks.

*To ensure all guests fully enjoy our services, please follow the local rules and customs. As changing rooms aren’t always available, it is highly recommended to already have your swimsuit on under your clothes prior to pick up time.

Cancellation Policy

No Show/Cancel within 48 hours  No Refund

3days to 7days prior to tour date 50% Refund

No Refund for these conditons below on the day


👉Not aware of madical statement

👉Poor Physical conditon

👉Over sleep or late for meeting time

*Full refund for cancellation if no where is available to carry on tour


  • Please be informed that due to the weather conditions, dive destination can be changed.
  • Please avoid drinking the day before the tour
Fun Diving Price
Kerama Fun 2 dives17,600
Onna Village Fun 2 dives17,600
Minna Fun 2 dives19,800
Zanpa 2 dives19,800
USS Emmons 2dives24,200
Ie Island 3dives27,500
Cape Hedo 3 dives26,400
Tonaki Fun 3 dives24,200
Aguni Fun 3 dives24,200
Triangle Fun 3 dives22,000
Beach Fun 2 dives (Central)14,300
Beach Fun 2 dives(North)17,600
Night Diving 1 dive15,400
Add-on 1 dive (Boat)4,400
Add-on 1 dive (Beach)3,300
Refresh 3 dives27,500