Dream Hole in Manza Onna Village

One of the most popular dive sites in Okinawa is Dream Hole in Manza (Onna Village).

From Naha, it takes 1 hour road trip. *Pick-Up aavailable at free of charge

At Dream Hole, you will enjoy beautiful coral reef on the top of the wall. There is a small hole on the coral reef going down inside of the wall at 25 meter. When you reach the bottoe, you will swim to the exit of the cave. What you will see at the end of the cave is an amazing land scape.

Besides this beautiful land scape, you will see lots of sea creatures such as garden eels, lion fish, white tip sharks, and many beautiful fish.

If you are planning a diving trip in Okinawa, DreamHole is one of must dive sites to scuba dive.

Kerama day trip and Manza fun diving are highly recommended from SEAKERS!