USS EMMONS (ship werck)

One of the recommendations for certified divers whose ceritification level is above advanced is Ship Wreck scuba diving at USS EMMONS.

USS EMMONS was a destroyer minesweeper of United States Navy and was sunk to prevent its falling into enermy hands in 1945 after 5 times attacks by Kamikaze Japanese suicide missions.

Emmons ship wreck lies in 45 meter of ocean off Kouri Island in Okinawa.

It’s worth to see this 100 meter long beutiful ship wreck. You will definitly be immpressed.

Since it is deep dive, our schedule will be 2 dives in USS EMMONS in the morning.

We can do pick up in Naha, Chatan, or Onna Village in the early morning.

For example, it will be around 5:30 am for those want to be picked up in Naha. Almost 2 hours road trip to Kouri Island.

We will have enough time to prepare our scuba gears and a nice briefing.

At 7:30 am, the boat depart for the 1st dive. We will take a surface interval at a port since dive site is located just 15 mins away from a port.

Each dive is just around 20 mins to explore the ship wreck.

SEAKERS would like to ask all divers to do check dive before the participation in USS EMMONS dives to make sure if participants have enough skills and knowledge to conduct deep dive.

Those who are interesed in taking SSI deep speciaalty, we can do it to be ready for USS EMMONS dives.

Also you may wanna take Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty or Wreck Diving Specialty during USS EMMONS dives.