March 11 2024 Fun diving in Manza

High season in Okinawa is about to start. SEAKERS started to have many inquiry and booking these days from instagram, website, and of course SSI network system.

If you are traveling in Okinawa, contact us early and we suggest you to make a reservation.

Today we went to Manza and had 3 fun dives with German SSI diver who studies Biology in Tokyo. (pick up at hotel in Naha in the morning.)

It was fun diving with him and sharing ideas from biological perspective.

So yes of course we ended up same opinion that divers should be more aware of marine life.

Scuba divers are just visitor underwater. We should not bother sea creatures and not damage anything down there.

SEAKERS gives nice briefing before the dives regarding divers behaivior. We are eco friendly dive center.

We also offer SSI Perfect Buoyancy Speciality course for those who are not confident to maintain neutural buoyancy which is very important for scuba diving in order not to damage marine life.

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