Manza in Onna Village

Many people wonder where to dive in Okinawa and I receive lots of inquiries about dive sites.

I would recommend Kerama or Manza for certified scuba diver.

For Kerama day trip, you are on a boat for whole day and you may feel it’s busy on a boat.

On the other hand, a boat come back to a port after every dive in Manza which means you can take surface interval at a port. You can have enough time for gear assembling and nice briefing.

Both destinations, you can enjoy many seacreatures. These are what SEAKERS found these days.

If you like small macro creatures and enjoy underwater photography, definitely Manza is recommended.

It really depends on where you stay and what you want in diving.

If you are staying in Naha, we can pick up and go to Kerama day trip since a port is located in Naha. If you are staying in Onna Village, we cannot pick up since the location of the port is opposite.

Still we can pick up in Naha and going to Manza.

Actually staying in Naha can have more options for scuba diving activities with us.

For more infomation, contact SEAKERS OKINAWA.