Rescue Diver

Be a rescue diver! What you can do when incident happens will be significantly different after rescue diver course. You will learn not only rescue skills and knowledge for others, but also rescue skills and knowledge for yourself.

 Price 50,000-

Emergency First Responder

When emegency, you should know what to do before doctors arrive. This period of time makes big difference for the life of victims.

 Price 20,000-

Dive Master

PADI Dive Master is the entrance of PADI proffesional member. You will have skill practice and academic to be a professional diver. You will be able to be an assitant for PADI instructors.

 Price 130,000ー

Enriched Air Nitrox

Using enriched air nitrox properly reduces risk of decompression sickness. Enriched air nitrox tanks contains higher percentage of Oxygen than normal scuba tanks. NDL (No Decompression Limit) can be longer when you use Enriched air nitrox and reduce residual nittogen.

 Price 30,000ー(2 dives)