Deep Diver Specialty

Deep diver specialty course give you skills and knowledge to conduct deep dives safely. You are going to learn risks of deep diving, how to read dive computer, how to keep a good buoyancy at deep water. After 3 dives SSI deep diving specialty course, you will be confident for deep diving and receive deep diver specialty degital license on your SSI app.

 Price 33,000ー(3 dives)

Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty

Using enriched air nitrox properly reduces risk of decompression sickness. Enriched air nitrox tanks contains higher percentage of Oxygen than normal scuba tanks. NDL (No Decompression Limit) can be longer when you use Enriched air nitrox and reduce residual nittogen.

 Price 36,300ー(2 dives)

*Inclusive of Enriched Air Nitrox Tanks