Relaxed scuba holiday? まったりダイビングしたいなら⁉️

If you are looking for relaxing scuba holiday, I would highly recommend in Onna Village. It’s more slow and easy life than Naha. Every dive you come back to port to rest. You can even go to eat Okinawa Soba for your lunch break. On the boat, it’s not busy and packed. To the dive sites, it takes just 10 to 15 mins.

You can enjoy amazing land scape underwater and macro creatures. Of course don’t forget to say hi to sea turtles and white tip sharks!!!

SEAKERS can conduct tour in Onna village. We even do free pick up in Naha, Chatan, Yomitan, and Onna Village.

Book now! Summer is just around the corner.


ボートの移動は10~15分、毎ダイブ港に戻ります😊 船酔いの心配も少なく、ボートの上でバタバタすることもなければ、ぎゅうぎゅう詰めになることもありません。



夏本番はもうすぐ! 早めのご予約をおすすめします💯